Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Family!

This might officially be my last actual shoot in America. I can't believe it.
My fiancee arrives this coming weekend and we'll be so busy getting things ready for the reception here in Ohio then the actual wedding itself--- it's going to be so crazy here soon!
Although... i would really love to get a shoot in up in Alaska... I love those mountains and all that snow... :-)

This is one of the pastors who went on my first trip to Ireland, and his family. He is the youth leader for my church here in Cincinnati. Beautiful family, inside and out!

i love this one. They are so cute together :-)

Look how pretty she is! I wish i was half as gorgeous at 13 as she is... M just got her braces off, and i swear- she has the most sparkling personality and the sweetest countenance i have ever met in a young woman of her age. Look out world!

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