Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have been accused of being a camera hoarder. I have many cameras, and have had many cameras in the past. I currently have in my possession:

Canon F1
Minolta Maxxum 5D
oldsauce Kodak digital POS (woot! 3.1 Megapixels)- my very first digital camera.
Canon 5D Mark II (the "magic camera")
Kodak M1033

i recently sold my trusty Canon Rebel Xt to a friend of mine after 3 years of faithful service to me. I loved it and treated it well. The camera went with me to some very odd places (ie- armpit deep, wading into a pond; under a train; on roads; dangled out windows; atop fence posts; in mud; near glaciers; on planes, trains, and automobiles; and across the country, to name a few). I must say that without the camera, which i bought for school, i wouldn't be the photographer i am today.

BUT... i have been spoiled by the majesty that is the "professional DSLR".
Because of upcoming vacations, trips, and adventures; as well as because of missed photographic opportunities in the past due to not having a camera (because let's face it, they're heavy to carry along on a hike with the lens and other various accoutrement... ) i have purchased a small digital camera. Just a little point and shoot digital number. I felt a little dirty when i bought it, like i was cheating on a spouse or an old friend.
I am now the owner of the Kodak M1033. Ten glorious megapixels, HD video capacity, and sheer awesomeness all wrapped up in a tiny little metal box with a compact lens.

I have been spoiled by the knowledge of apertures vs. shutter speeds. The way a certain millimeter of lens will compact an image to bring something to a photograph. Depth of field and lighting difficulties are little to no match for me and my Magic Camera.
This new little camera is... well... easy. I can't quite wrap my brain around it.
It's like going from a PC to a Mac. LOL
The solution is almost always more simple than i expect it to be.

At the same time, i feel a slight sense of freedom in the little Kodak that now resides in my purse. I can be anywhere and see anything interesting and STILL be able to capture it. I have the knowledge that if i WANTED to print something, i could and it wouldn't be all pixely. I dont have to carry around 500+ pictures on my cell phone (although i still do). I have a flash!

I must say that although i will never forsake my professional equipment, it's nice to go out and not be regarded as "the photographer" all the time, unless i want to.

Look at the smallness!! Ahh... sweet freedom.

also, check out this sweet video that i captured with it!

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Russ Dave Beckner said...

Nice video from that camera.
Be sure to take a lot of flashcards/batteries across the pond.

I believe you know who is the king of camera hoarders, though.